Great British Funfair

Big Wheel

We are very proud at The Great British Funfair, to have the oldest travelling Ferris wheel in the U.K. Made by the Eli Bridge Building company in Jacksonville Illinois (yes, the great British Big Wheel, is actually American!), and imported from them in 1922. The ride was extensively travelled by prominent showman Pat Collins. Little is known of its use through the war years, but it remained in Mr Collins stable of rides until 1950. Arthur Barnard took hold of the ride in the early 50s, until it was bought by the Hart family. The Lancashire based showmen are most associated with this ride, as they used it from 1954 - 2007, 53 years! it went from the North West to Symonds Yat, but unfortunately was never used, and fell into a state of disrepair. Once again the Great British Funfair waved it's magic wand, or paint brush, as we like to call it. And after 3 months of intensive restoration, the wheel was once again fit to grace the fields, and streets, of this pleasant land. with the addition of a spectacular L.E.D. light package, and a new streamline motor, it also uses considerably less power than it did before, which is always good for the environment. Fast approaching it's 100th birthday, it is our oldest ride. And judging by the reception it receives from all ages that ride, it is also one of our most popular.