Great British Funfair


Our carousel was built by H.P. Jackson and sons of Cheshire, in 1952. It features traditional galloping horses, cockerels, pigs, and peacocks, as well as two centaurs. These centaurs were commissioned as limited edition mounts, to celebrate queen Elizabeth 2nd’s ascension to the throne that year.

Although our carousel is perfectly formed, with all the traditional fixtures and fittings, it is smaller than most, making it ideal for a city centre location, or shopping mall. It also makes it considerably more affordable than a full size carousel, for private hire and corporate work.

The carousel, or gallopers, are the most iconic of British fairground rides. Suitable for any occasion or event, from a school fete, to a movie premiere. If our carousel does not meet your requirements, please contact us and we can source the perfect ride for your needs.