Great British Funfair


At the backend of 2015 we embarked on yet another refurbishment project, this time it was our chair o planes. The previous owner had not used them in over ten years and they were in need of a overhaul. We bought them, fetched them back to the yard, and started work. Structurally they were in a lot better condition than we had anticipated, but the dormant years had not been kind to the decorative panels and artwork. Renowned showmans artist Chris Thomas was brought on board, and the transformation began. His skill, not only with brush in hand, but also on the initial design of the pattern, is nothing short of amazing (as you can see from the photos).

Now finished, and complete with traditional lighting package, our Chair o planes are once again ready to wow people across the land. From families at a country fair, to thrill seeking teenagers at a music festival. Wherever it may be, we are sure they will be enjoyed by all who ride, and also those who just wish to admire the work of art that they are.