Great British Funfair

coconut shy

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are a-standing in a row" The most traditional of fairground games, the coconut shy, or shie, can be traced back to the late eighteen hundreds. The most common theory suggests that the game originated at the annual fair in Kingston in Surrey. The fair took place close to a coconut fibre mill on the Hogsmill river. Reports show that the coconuts used, came from here. Local press also stated that for the princely sum of one penny, you could throw three sticks at the offending coconuts, and those you knock off the pegs, were your prize for a good throw. The only change to this beloved game in 150 years, is that wooden balls are used instead of sticks. Everything else remains the same, including the winning of the oldest fairground prize-the coconut! Our shy is of the traditional 'Eastern Counties' ilk. This design was made popular in this area, and is by far the most impressive of the regional styles. Standing taller than other coconut shy's, and featuring traditional artwork, white lights, and red and white covers, it is a great addition to any event.