Great British Funfair


The Price family have a long established heritage in the British fairground industry, stretching back well over 100 years (please visit our history page). In that time they have taken various rides, shows, and stalls, to nearly all of the United Kingdom’s biggest, and most historically important fairs. This tradition is still upheld today, with their rides still attending a number of these prestigious places. Some of these annual fairs have had Price’s attractions at them every year since the end of the second world war. In fact, had it not been for the two great war’s, their rides and shows would have appeared consecutively at a few of them from around 1900 to the present day.

Their name is recognised at funfairs nationwide, where their assured operation, and first class equipment is appreciated by the public,and respected by fellow showmen.

As well as the traditional fairs, (some over 750 years old and still going strong!) Great British funfairs will gladly provide you with a standalone funfair of the highest order. If you are a town council looking to bring different consumers into your shopping area, or a landowner with aspirations of seeing the rides he used to enjoy in his younger years spinning around on his patch , we can supply every aspect of a full British fairground in the most professional manner possible.

A small selection of the traditional fairs we attend:

  • Nottingham goose fair
  • Salisbury pleasure fair
  • Portland fair
  • Bridgewater, St. Matthews
  • Oxford St.Giles
  • Hull fair
  • Newcastle town moor hopping’s
  • Kirkcaldy links market