Great British Funfair

Music Festivals

Over the last 10-15 years, music festivals have been the most rapidly expanding sector in the events industry. Fortunately, we have been on this journey, and through experience gained by working at the U.K’s top festivals, we can advise you on the appropriate type, and amount of rides that would be suitable for your festival. Whether you are a large commercial festival, or boutique independent, we can supply a single helter Skelter or a full fairground, according to your capacity, target audience, and of course your particular preference. At the end of the day, it’s your festival. We advise, not insist, on the equipment you have.

Our rides are enjoyed by all ages at the festivals they attend, with our Helter Skelter’s being particularly popular with both festival goers , and festival organisers alike, providing a magnificent feature in the sightline, both day and night.

Our rides have featured at many music festivals, including:


High voltage

Camp bestival

Isle of Wight

Vintage @ goodwood


Ben and Jerry’s (Clapham common)