Great British Funfair


The Great British Funfair’s commitment to safety is at the top of our agenda. All of our rides are annually inspected by independent, A.D.I.P.s registered engineers, for structural, mechanical, and electrical soundness. This conforms to all current U.K. health and safety legislation. Our rides also have daily check books, risk assessments, and maturity by design risk assessments. These maturity risk assessments are in place to show that due to the number of years these rides have been around, their safety in operation has been proven beyond doubt. Extra to the checks carried out by the independent engineers, we as owners, along with our staff, cherish our rides. They are treated with respect, each component handled and checked every time we set them up. This constant vigilance ensures even the smallest problems can be rectified instantly, thus helping to keep our rides some of the safest in Britain. Together with the safety measures we have in place, all our rides carry £10000000 public liability insurance cover as a matter of course.