Great British Funfair

Swing Boats

Our Victorian swingboat&S217;s history can be traced back to the late 1800&S217;s, and believe it or not, a thread of family ownership can be traced as well.

We&S217;re not sure who the first owners were, but we think these swingboats were made around 1880 by F.J. Thomas of Chertsey (Surrey). We do know that around the turn of the century they were bought by Clifford Wynn, a showman from Huntspill, Somerset. He travelled them with his other fairground equipment, until the onset of the second world war. During these desperate times, the framework was placed in storage, but the boats themselves continued to be used on Weymouth beach. The ride remained in storage for a number of years until David Wynn, grandson of Clifford, got them out to be enjoyed again. He recently passed them on to his daughter, Anthea Price, wife of Arthur Price. They have benefitted from a traditional repaint at the beginning of 2011, and are now being enjoyed by a new generation of riders.

A classic feature of British funfairs for over 150 years. Our swingboats ride both adults and children alike, so all the family can enjoy the thrills that their grandparents did, all those years ago.