Great British Funfair

Helter Skelter

We own and operate two of the finest, original, helter skelter’s (or lighthouse slip’s), in the British isle’s. Although they are almost identical, both have very different histories. Our No. 1 helter skelter has been in our family for nearly 50 years, and has travelled all over the world in that time.

Our No.2 helter skelter was bought, no in fact, rescued by us in 2006. It was totally derelict, and unrecognisable as the centrepiece it should be. But as it was one of only a few original examples still in existence, we took on the mammoth task of restoration. After several months of extensive work, it was finished to the high standard you see today.

We have travelled our helter skelters’s far and wide, from Dublin to Dubai, and all points in between. They are the jewel in the great British funfair crown, and whether it be a country fair, music festival, TV. commercial, or wedding, they provide a unique piece of British culture, and a whole lot of enjoyment for everyone.